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Vol. (No): pp. TITLE AUTHOR
28(6): 572-581 A Study on the Development of Collision Avoidance Algorithm Based on Consciousness of Ship’s Operator
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0012
Eunkyu Lee, Young-Soo Park, Minjeong Park, Myoung-Ki Lee, Eunbi Park, and In-Young Gong
28(6): 582-592 Internal Force Evaluation of a Submerged Floating Pipeline Under Irregular Waves
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0013
Deokhee Won, Jihye Seo, Jong Sup Park, and Seungjun Kim
28(6): 593-601 Dynamic Behavior of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge with Floating Towers after the Sudden Failure of Tethers and Cables Under Irregular Waves
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0014
Minseo Jang, Yunwoo Lee, Seungjun Kim, and Young-Jong Kang
28(6): 602-609 Short-Term Fatigue Damage of Tethers of Long-Span Floating Cable Supported Bridges Under Harsh Waves
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0015
Deokhee Won, Keesei Lee, Young-Jong Kang, and Seungjun Kim
28(6): 610-621 Collision Warning System for Small Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012 _28(6).0016
Won-Sik Kang, Young-Soo Park, and Jeong-Bin Yim
28(6): 622-630 Identifying High-Collision Potential Vessel-Bridge Pairs in Vessel Traffic Service
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0017
Jeong-Bin Yim and Chun-Ki Lee
28(6): 631-639 Modeling Navigator Errors in Collisions Using Hidden Markov Models
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0018
Deuk-Jin Park, Jeong-Bin Yim, and Chun-Ki Lee
28(6): 640-647 Remote Sensing Analysis of Cold Water Temporal and Spatial Variability in the East Sea
DOI: 10.6119/JMST.202012_28(6).0019
Suk Yoon and Hyun Yang

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