Guide for Contributors

Authors should submit their manuscripts in Portable Document Format (PDF) through the on-line submission system ( In order to speed up the reviewing and publishing process, please submit your manuscript along with a cover letter including the information of the field of your paper (1. Maritime Science and Management, 2. Marine Engineering, 3. Ocean Science, 4. Life Sciences, 5. Marine Biology and Ecology, 6. Fishery Science and Resource, 7. Other related.), and the agreement to pay the page charge (click) if the manuscript is accepted for publication. JMST does not force authors to recommend reviewers, if the author decides to do that, at most five potential reviewers with name, work organization and e-mail address, and the reason for the recommendation of each reviewer should be clearly described in the cover letter.

In addition to being concise as well as consistent in style, spelling and the use of abbreviations, new submission should conform to the following instructions.

  1. Language: Papers should be written in English. Either British or American style is accepted but should be consistent through the whole manuscript.
  2. Units: The SI units should be used.
  3. Typescript: Electronic manuscripts should be prepared in double-spaced format with a font size of 12 points.
  4. Title and Author: Title of paper should be concise, informative and in capital letters. Author(s) and affiliation(s) should appear below the title.
  5. Abstract and Keywords: Abstract should not exceed 250 words; Keywords should not exceed 4 words.
  6. Headings: Headings for sections should be centered and numbered with Roman numerals. Headings for subsections should start from the left-hand margin and numbered with Arabic numerals.
  7. Equations and Mathematical Formulas: All equations and mathematical formulas should be typewritten. Equations should be numbered serially on the right-hand side by Arabic numerals in parentheses.
  8. Length: The manuscript may not exceed 8,000 words (10 printed pages in the Journal), including title, authors and affiliations, abstract, text, figures, tables, and references.
  9. Figures and Tables: All figures and tables should be numbered and have descriptive captions.
  10. References:References should be listed in alphabetical order according to author(s), patentee(s), or editor(s). Complete citation should be given for each reference. For a reference from journal or conference, the full title of the journal or conference should be provided. Examples of references can be found here. (click)

Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that the same work has not been published nor has been presented under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors of accepted manuscripts should agree to transfer the copyright for the article to the JMST and submit their final versions in electronic form adhering to the style of the JMST. A Word template which adheres to the style of the JMST can be found here (click).

Page Charge Policy

Because JMST is an open access journal, page charge is required for publication of accepted paper. The page charge is determined by the actual number of pages published in JMST.

  1. A page charge of NT$950 or US$30 per printed page is mandatory for the first 10 printed pages. An excess page charge is NT$2600 or US$80 per printed page for all subsequent pages after ten.
  2. Color figures will be printed in grayscale. If color print is requested by the author, there will be an additional charge of NT$4500 or US$150 per color page.
  3. Twenty reprints and one copy of the journal issue are provided free of charge for each published paper. Additional reprints can be ordered at a price of NT$30 or US$1 per reprint.